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Veil Environmental released a new produced water report in February 2020. The report estimates the total volume of produced water from all U.S. wells in 2017. The report also provides data on how that produced water is managed. To download the new report and many other oil and gas water reports, visit the Reports and Other Publications section on the homepage.

Veil Environmental, LLC is a consulting practice specializing in water and waste management issues affecting the energy industries.

Veil Environmental, LLC was founded in 2011 by John Veil following a career of 10 years regulating wastewater discharges for the State of Maryland government and 20 years working in research and policy analysis for Argonne National Laboratory. Veil has extensive experience in evaluating water regulations affecting the oil and gas and electric power industries. He has also studied many technologies used in these industries relating to produced water, drilling wastes, cooling water, and carbon sequestration, and has lectured extensively in the United States and around the world on those subjects and on water/energy interactions.

Veil Environmental, LLC is available to assist clients in a variety of ways, including:

  • Consulting on projects, ranging from small tasks to larger efforts.
  • Preparation of focused reports, white papers, and other documents.
  • Offering support and collaboration to other partners and team members on large projects.
  • Providing training to companies and organizations on water and energy topics.
  • Serving on advisory committees or panels.
  • Reviewing regulatory proposals and preparing comments.
  • Serving as an expert witness and providing other support to litigation efforts.
  • Other services, as needed.

Throughout his career, John Veil has published reports that have informed industry, government, and other interested parties. Links to some of these publications, separated by topical area, are provided below.

In addition to these reports, Veil led teams that developed several useful websites.